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Covering a wide range of sports from football to tennis, as well as horse racing, basketball, cricket, golf and American football, SBAT Plus calls upon its carefully selected team of professional, reliable tipsters to give you the very best betting advice on the market.

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Access to "Upcoming tips" is available to paid subscribers only.

Tipsters profile and stats

More than anything, we at SBAT Plus pride ourselves on transparency. Our website displays detailed stats and an outcome history for each and every one of our tipsters, with their record visible for all to see on their profile page. You will be able to analyse their past tips, type of bets and the odds of their picks, meaning you can tailor our services to better suit your needs.

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Our Professional Tipsters

Before going ahead with a bet, it's important to first analyse a tipster's history in depth. Our website enables customers to find tipster's past predictions, win ratio and betting strategies, meaning you'll never be going in blind. As we keep the history of our tipsters on display, you can keep track of their performance over time, so you can be confident you're getting your advice from a trusted, reliable source.

Access to "Upcoming tips" is available to paid subscribers only.

Pro analysis

Our tipsters are here to provide you with an in-depth, professional betting analysis. The comprehensive research we offer will help expand your own knowledge and create a wider picture of predictions before deciding whether or not to back them. Sports betting can be a great source of revenue, but usually only for those well informed. SBAT Plus helps guide you to the smarter choices in the market, with our expert team of tipsters sharing their knowledge and experience with you along the way. The more extensive your knowledge is, the greater the rewards.


Our Sports

Whether you are looking for football, tennis, horse racing, golf, cricket, American football or basketball tips, our expert team of tipsters are here to provide professional and reliable betting guidance.

Question Time

How it works? Or How the Subscription works?

Select the right tipping service for you (i.e 1 Month, 3 Months or 1 Year) and then you will get instant access to our member's zone. In this section of the website, you will be able to see upcoming predictions, which includes the type of the bets (Singles or Multiples) and the odds available at the time we’ve sent tips to members. In addition, our professional tipsters will give their opinions and analysis in order to improve your knowledge in a specific match, event or market.

How many tips will I receive?

We are here to deliver a professional tipping service, so the quality of our tips is more important than the quantity. Each of our professional tipsters will be looking to provide you with the best value on a daily basis. Due to the fact that we cover a variety of sports, you will be able to choose between several tips depending on the period of the year and the availability of the annual events and competitions.

How can I change or extend my plan?

If you are happy with our tipping services and want to extend the current plan on a longer period, you are able to do that under ‘My Account’ settings menu, in the Subscriptions tab. We give you unlimited access on your subscription plan and you can get in touch with us with ease for further questions.

How can I check the performance of your tipsters?

Trust is the biggest issue when it comes to tipping services and that’s why we are willing to show complete transparency by allowing you to check out the last couple of months of a tipster’s performance. Our followers can check our previous tips even if they aren’t members yet. In addition, they can check out the individual performance of a tipster by clicking on their profile. Please note that once you have signed up with us or during the 7-Day trial period, you will get full access to all our predictions, both past and upcoming ones.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can contact us for any enquiries even if you’re not a customer of our services. You just need to click on the ‘Contact Us’ button located at the bottom of the main page, fill in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. In addition, once you become a member of SBAT Plus, a support link will become available on the top menu.

How is the success rate calculated?

The success rate is based on all our past predictions, which can be seen freely here. However, each of our tipsters has a different success rate, and you can check that out by clicking on their stats profile page.